Searching for Spring

The winter has been harsh: abundant record-breaking snow and temperatures far too bitter to play outside. Spring officially began yesterday…with three more inches of snow.  We have not yet begun to prune the orchard, and our daffodil beds remain buried under snowbanks. This past week our youngest son and I started a few seeds indoors.  It is beginning to feel like they may sprout before any signs of green appear outside.

In the kitchen we are trying to get excited for Easter baking….Lemon Meringue Pies, Carrot Cakes, Hot Cross Buns, Spring Sugar Cookies, Coconut Cream Pies. But really, we just crave bowls of hot soup to battle the incessant chill. Easter is two weeks away….is it too much to ask for tender fresh asparagus, zesty lemons, green grass, purple hyacinth and maybe some bright yellow daffodils?  Perhaps we need to start coloring some eggs to encourage those vibrant hues of spring.

Whatever happens here in New England, as I declared to our oldest son this morning, “If Spring will not come to us, we shall go to Spring!”  The two of us head to Italy just after Easter, and plan to fully submerge ourselves in la primavera – with fresh green artichokes, brilliant yellow lemons, cascading purple wisteria, deep red blood oranges and, with a little buona fortuna, clear blue skies.


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