2015 Italian Food Diaries, Days 6 & 7


First 2 days in Florence – Abbreviated Version (to embellish later)

Wednesday Morning – Last stop at La Renella for Potato Pizza before we leave Rome. Taxi to termini station, train to Florence, arrived at noon .

Apartment – awesome. On via Zannoni, 5 min from station, 30 seconds from Central Market

Mercato Centrale for Porchetta sandwich at Nerbone (2pm, no line)

Walked past Duomo, no line to climb (strange!) Bought tickets and went up.

Break for Coke and Spritz….

Meet up with friends for prime seat on the square, and lemoncello.

Stop at Grocery (love grocery shopping here)….bread, olive oil, butter, wine, lardo, salami, cheese, strawberries, water coke, lettuce, yogurt, milk, breadsticks….apartment now stocked.

Sleepover with the kids – pasta, berries, salumi

Day 2, Florence:

Lardo on toast for breakfast.

Baptistry by Duomo (on 24 hr ticket). See ceiling:


Cannolo Siciliano at Gilli on Piazza della Republica

Picked up tickets for a little cooking class on Saturday (rain in forecast)

Gelato at Venchi (Caramel, Mascarpone-Fig)

Walked past sculptures and through Uffizi courtyard. No risk of Stendahl Syndrome on this trip!

Across Ponte Vecchio to Trattoria Casalinga for lunch. Fabulous!! Mixed antipasto (tomato bruschetta, white bean bruschetta, chicken liver pate bruschetta, something with egg?, salumi, cheese, lardo, bread), arugula salad with lemon, joe had roast beef, a little water, a little wine, un caffe. (30e)

Walked to Pitti Palace then cab to Chiesa San Miniato al Monte – church on hill. Worth the 10e cab.


Time in graveyard, so cool, then into church. Magnificent views.

Walked down to Piazza Michelangelo then down steps and long walk back to apartment.

Laundry, chilled out for the evening. Little vacation from vacation 🙂


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